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2020-01-26 11:26

Gordon Brown predicts second Brexit referendum. Former prime minister says the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP will back another voteGordon Brown attempts to galvanise Labour support for a Remain vote, as he argues they have most to gain from staying in the EU. gordon brown referendum

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's decision to reject a referendum on the new European Union Reform Treaty (Treaty of Lisbon) should be viewed as one of the biggest acts of political betrayal in modern

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Oct 19, 2007  Gordon Brown is a communist and appears to be a Dictator as well. He promised a Referendum and the people of this country demand a referendum, yet, still

Scottish referendum: Gordon Brown considers comeback to defeat SNP over 'lies' about NHS. The former Prime Minister pledged to 'join the fight' to end Alex Salmonds sevenyear hold on power in

Oct 08, 2007 This is exactly what Gordon Brown is doing, without our consentwhich is why he keeps harping on about changes to our Constitution iwantareferendum. com. Source(s): Anonymous 1 decade ago. 1. He promised a referendum on the constitution and that promise should stand. A change of name does not

Former PM says Britain should leave door open to rejoining EU if it does leave next March

Sep 20, 2014  Former prime minster Gordon Brown has set out proposals for a united Scotland after the historic referendum returned a No result and pledged that the

Gordon Brown predicts new UK referendum on EU. The British people have got a right to have the final say on the UK's relations with the EU, former prime minister Gordon Brown has said.

Brown who was prime minister of the U. K. from 2007 to 2010, and served as chancellor under Tony Blair's government believes a second referendum should happen.

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Gordon Brown has weighed into the EU referendum debate by challenging Boris Johnson to a headtohead debate on TV. . The former prime minister laid down the gauntlet as he compared the EU to the

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