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2020-01-26 20:52

Derren Brown Chess Trick revealed. Derren Brown plays chess with nine professional chess players simultaneously and beats more than half of them! He then explains the techniques he used to achieve this stunning effect, as you can see in this video.Today (Aug. 27) and next week (Sept. 3), Premier Christian Radio is airing an interview with Derren Brown, which focuses on his Miracle stage show and his reasons for leaving Christianity. Video Flashback: Derren Brown plays Chess. Remember the time when Derren played 9 chess masters at once, and won? derren brown plays chess

Derren Brown plays 9 simultaneous chess games against 9 chess masters (4 of which are GMs). He wins 5 out of 9 games by using a clever trick of the mind. ( youtube. com )

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Derren Brown's simultaneous chess prank. The trick is not new. Alekhine and his twice world championship challenger Bogoljubov are said to have been challenged separately to games of correspondence chess at money odds. In effect the opponent, who had little chess skill, was playing

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Darren Brown Plays Chess Against 9 Pros At Once Submitted by: are7era 10 years ago in doesnt mean america just discovered derren brown. take the crumpet out of your ass. Save Comment 0 Reply. Male 1, 002. Joolin 10 years ago. Wow. Usually I think Derren Brown is a complete fraud, but this one actually seemed fairly legit.

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Feb 27, 2007 This is a video cut from Trick of The Mind series aired in the UK. The clip here is taken directly from Season 1 Episode 1. This is one of my favorite segments done by Derren.

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