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Mickelberg brothers. According to the police, the brothers stole cheques from a Perth building society and then fooled the mint into accepting those cheques in exchange for gold bullion which, it was alleged, the brothers had a courier pick up. The gold was picked upThrough circumstantial evidence, the Mickelberg brothers Peter, Brian and Ray had come to the attention of police. They were basically cleanskins, with Peter having been fined 50 for possessing an unlicensed firearm. what did the mickelberg brothers do

Jun 16, 2002 Last week, Mr Lewandowski not only confirmed his part in fitting up the three Mickelberg brothers in 1982, but admitted perjuring himself at their trial and at subsequent appeals.

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Mar 11, 2012 It's the beginning of the 1980s boom in Western Australia. Larrikin brothers Ray, Brian and Peter Mickelberg spend their days abalone fishing, flying planes, looking for adventure and developing new ways of making money.

West Australian police have issued a public apology to the Mickelberg brothers wrongfully convicted and jailed over the 1982 Perth Mint swindle. Police apologise to Mickelberg brothers Skip to

Transcript of The Wrongfully Convicted Mickelberg Brothers. The Mickelberg brothers included Brian, Ray, and Peter. They were framed for stealing 49 gold bars which would be an equivalent to 2million today. About a month prior to the false conviction of the brothers a very precise heist went down in the Perth mint gold bank located in

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His brother Peter Mickelberg served sixandahalf years, while another brother, Brian Mickelberg, served nine months before he died in a plane crash in 1986.

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