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Elissa Slater was a houseguest on Big Brother 15. She quickly gained notoriety from the other houseguests for being Rachel Reilly's sister. Other HouseGuests became suspicious of Elissa's influence on the viewers as she was voted the MVP for the first three weeks.Amanda Zachman (ne Zuckerman) was a houseguest on Big Brother 15. She became known for her showmance with McCrae but quickly caused a controversy within the house due to her threatening comments made to other houseguests (mainly Candice, Jessie, and Elissa). big brother amanda bullying elissa

Home Big Brother Big Brother 15 Episode 26 Recap: Judd Returns And Elissa Trumps Amanda Big Brother 15 Episode 26 Recap: Judd Returns And Elissa Trumps Amanda. August 25, Amandas bullying of Elissa has gone too far! Amandas been harassing her whenever she leaves her HOH room to the point that Elissa is staying in her HOH room by

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Sep 17, 2013 Big Brother 15 Amanda bullies Alyssa drockesquire. Loading Unsubscribe from drockesquire? Top 22 Big Brother moments# 15 Duration: 8: 25. thunderwolf1985 842, 370 views.

Amanda Zuckerman, is now, out of the Big Brother house, bullying and trying to destroy Elissa Slater's reputation and marriage. Amanda Zuckerman will certainly go down in history for the racialhomophobic slurs, bullying and death threats she made against the other Big Brother 15 house guests.

Aug 28, 2013  After winning the Veto and ruining Elissa's plan of attack Amanda decides to taunt her while she hides away in her HOH room. Big Brother Amanda The Bully Big Brother Big Brother

Credit: Cliff LipsonCBS 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc. News Big Brother 15: Bully Amanda Torturing Elissa on Behalf of America August 26, 2013 by Gina Carbone 0 Shares Advertisement

Big Brother AllStar Rachel Reilly discusses evicted Aaryn's game, the Amanda and McCrae showmance and the upcoming double elimination! tormenting my sister Elissa, and shes playing it

Oct 07, 2013  America Was Watching: After Controversial Big Brother Season, an Interview With Amanda Zuckerman (i. e. Elissa Slater and Candice Stewart), her

Big Brother 15 is the fifteenth season of the American reality television series Big Brother. The season premiered on CBS on June 26, 2013, Amanda, Elissa, GinaMarie, and Helen were the HaveNots for the week. Aaryn then chose to nominate Elissa and Helen, with Helen being her target. Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer were selected to play in

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Bb19 wasnt really racism, it was more bullying which is kind of different. I think both had horrible actions throughout. Up until the AmandaElissa double eviction the season still kept people clamoring for more. I cannot think of any reason I would ever watch another second of Big Brother 19, which has no interesting characters, no

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