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The Barbarians was a vehicle for the Barbarian Brothers, released in 1987 by Cannon films. Peter and David Paul, a couple of bodybuilders, were dubbed by someone as the Barbarian Brothers and somebody, somewhere thought they were going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger multiplied by two.The Barbarian Brothers, also known as Peter and David Paul, twin brothers and fellow bodybuilders from Connecticut, made a handful of films during the 80s and 90s and despite the fact that all of them were poorly received by critics (and even the public) it didnt stop them from being enjoyable. peter paul barbarian brothers

David and Peter Paul have given us so much over the years. From bodybuilding to acting to writing and performing music, the brothers marched to the beat of a very different drummer. Refusing to conform to the Hollywood mold, the Barbarian Brothers rose to the top simply by being themselves.

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Thanks to all my brothers (barbarian or otherwise) on the interweb. This is my, Fredo's, tribute to one of the greatest on screen duos of all time Peter Paul and David Paul, better known as the Barbarian Brothers.

David Paul, Actor: Twin Sitters. David Paul, first discovered with his twin brother for their muscular physiques and good looks, starred in films such as The Barbarian Brothers and evolved with excellent comedic timing to star in Twin Sitters, babysitting a couple of evil rich kids.

Apr 28, 2010 barbarian brothers. . i cant find anything on them. . I went to the University of Rhode Island, and in like Peter Paul was roaming the URI campus with a camera trying to interview people and spew some crazy fanatic religion stuff to everybody.

Peter Paul and his twin brother David, were born in Hartford, Connecticut, in the U. S. They are both professional body builders and have been known as The Barbarian Brothers . He and David are both actors and producers, known for Twin Sitters (1994), The Barbarians (1987), Think Big (1989) and Natural Born Killers (1994).

Jan 11, 2011 Re: BARBARIAN BROTHERS (DAVID PAUL AND PETER PAUL) picture board! ! ! old and new pics Reply# 15 on: January 11, 2011, 12: 59: 44 PM Wow, those dudes absolutely defined the 80's era of spaghettistring tank tops, striped spandex, clown pants, and fanny packs.

The Barbarian Brothers Submitted by RonnyT on Wed, 16: 41 They are two big American brothers, Peter and David Paul called The Barbarian Brothers Big, strong guys completely mad and full of steroids and being the first bodybuilders to workout wearing construction boots, tied on bandanas and torn tank tops or flannel shirts

May 21, 2017 Mainstays of Gold's Gym and 80s culture. Still around but stranger than ever.

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Peter Paul (born March 8, 1957) is a former American actor, producer, television personality and bodybuilder. He was born on March 8, 1957 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Peter Paul and his twin brother David Paul usually act together in films and were collectively called The Barbarians . They both appeared in an episode of Knight Rider entitled Knight of the Drones .

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