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Also Fargo is a pretty popular movie of theirs amongst college students. As far as my favorite Coen Brothers movie, I'd have to say Raising Arizona or The Man Who Wasn't There.I think from any filmmakers, the Coen Brothers will probably have the most divise choices for their best movie. I personally think that Barton Fink is a masterpiece and it is the best work they ever done, but I am a huge fan of Big Lebowski, Miller's Crossing, Blood Simple, etc. best coen brothers movies reddit

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The only Coen Brother's ranking that's gonna feel right is the one you make yourself. Their filmography is so varied that trying to find a universal ranking of their films that everyone agrees on is foolhardy.

Also, if you do end up digging the Coen brothers, I would highly recommend the Fargo TV series on FX. Some of the best TV I've ever seen. Also, even though the ending of Inside Llewyn Davis isn't especially satisfying, it is very important to the film.

May 05, 2018 'Intolerable Cruelty' only feels like half a Coen brothers movie. It makes sense: The concept was passed around to many different writers before they polished and directed it.

The Definitive Ranking of All 17 Coen Brothers Movies. the Coen Brothers' two best movies are their first two movies. That's not a dig. GQ has inspired men to look sharper and live smarter

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The best of the Coen Brothers movies tend to just kind of suddenly end, where O Brother feels like a more complete story. This, along with the music and characters, makes it my favorite as well. permalink

True, most people can agree that Fargo is pretty great and Ladykillers is kind of underwhelming but I know people who think The Man Who Wasn't There is the best Coen movie. A LOT of people love O Brother, which is (as you can see) not one of my favorites. You yourself didn't put Miller's Crossing in your top 10 which I find unbelievable.

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With 'Hail, Caesar! ' coming to theaters in a few months, we asked our readers to select their favorite films by the Coen Brothers Readers Poll: The 10 Best Coen Brothers Movies Rolling Stone

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