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Derren Brown delivered another great bit of television tonight, I've been waiting for a show like that for a long time. In the first of a new series, 'Derren Brown Investigates the celebrity mentalist spent a week in Liverpool with a guy called Joe Power, a fairly wellknown psychic with a good reputation locally.Derren Brown Investigates. Power was the subject of one episode of Derren Brown Investigates titled The Man Who Contacts the Dead . His tricks were exposed and he became agitated when Derren (openly stating he was cold reading) performed a more accurate reading on an actor from Hollyoaks. joe power derren brown

May 11, 2010 Derren Brown Investigates Part 1 The Man Who Contacts The Dead. Credit to PVR from which this snippet was taken.

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I see what you mean yes. Its a difficult discussion for me, I'm probably biased because I'm a fan of Derren. From my point of view I think that Derren believes the audience know he doesn't have powers and is doing these feats in nonsupernatural ways. I wouldn't call reading body language a nonmagical power

Jun 07, 2010  Joe Power: Life After Derren Brown Investigates To my televisionviewing eyes, selfproclaimed psychic Joe Power was thoroughly debunked on the recent Derren Brown Investigates program. So, is his career over as a result?

Selfproclaimed psychic Joe Power, the subject of episode 1 of Derren Brown Investigates ( The Man Who Contacts the Dead ), complained to Ofcom about being misled and treated unfairly, and that the programme presented, disregarded or omitted material facts .

'Medium Joe Power even manages to direct Derren to the lavatory in a snide manner'

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Joe Power is a British author and television and stage performer who claims to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. He is also well known for appearing as the subject of Derren Brown Investigates: The Man Who Contacts The Dead, first

A MERSEYSIDE psychic is considering legal action after claiming he was branded a fake in TV illusionist Derren Browns documentary. Joe Power has already made an official complaint to

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Derren Brown beardy mindmeddler and generally top fella investigates those who claim to have psychic powers starting with my old mate Joe Power. Ill come to Joe in a moment (weve a bit of a history), but first Id like to say well done to Derren.

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