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A browneyed man whose father was browneyed and whose mother was blueeyed married a blueeyed wo. . Answer sujay consider brown eyed gene is BB and blue eyed gene is bbAbsolutely. The likelihood is not high, but the eye colorcombinations of father and mother can produce a blueeyed child. brown eyed father blue eyes mother

May 29, 2013 Brown eyes are a dominant trait So the mother would have to be carrying a blue eye gene and pass it on the father's blue eye gene blue eyed baby. But if the mother wasn't carrying a blue eyed gene then no chance jeff.

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Blue Eyed vs. Brown Eyed While it's unusual, it is possible for blueeyed parents to have a browneyed child. Eye color is determined by the parents' eye color and whether the parents' genes are dominant genes or recessive genes.

Now imagine a third green allele, which is dominant to blue, but recessive to brown. If your mother carried the green allele (but only her brown shows up), she could easily pass the green allele on to you (and in terms of probability, would do so 50 of the time), and matched with your dad's blue allele, you would have green eyes.

The kids each have a 50 chance of having mom's brown eyes and a 50 chance of having dad's blue eyes. (This is because mom has a 50 chance of passing her B and a 50 chance of passing her b. ) So in this case, the kids can end up with mom's dominant trait or dad's recessive one. Which one is a simple matter of chance. And if we take a Bb dad (brown eyes) and a bb mother (blue eyes), there is still

For example, what happens when blue eyed and brown eyed parents have children? Note that this two gene model does not explain most human eye color inheritance. We know that there are black eyes, grey eyes, hazel eyes, and differing shades of brown, blue, and green eyes

How Two BrownEyed Parents Can Have A BlueEyed Baby. Blue eyed babies can sometimes seem to spring out of nowhere, especially if there is no known occurrence of blue eyes on the mothers or father

Is it possible for a blue eyed mother and brown eyed father to have a child with blue eyes? Can two parents, one with blue eyes and one with brown eyes, produce a green eyes child? How can blue and browneyed parents create a greeneyed child?

May 29, 2013 Me blue eyes, mother dark brown eyes, 3 children light brown eyes. Assuming my children all give me 2 x grandchildren each and marry a blue eyed person. Then there is a strong possibility of 2 or more grandchildren having blue eyes.

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Feb 21, 2011 Answers. Yes. The father carries the recessive gene for blue eyes. Some of your posters need to work on there Mendel squares though Nat is correct a child from this couple would have a 50 chance of having blue eyes and a 50 chance of having brown eyes. The mother is bb (blue eyes) the father is Bb (brown eyes carrying blue gene)

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